Why Am I Always Overwhelmed? How Anxiety and Emotion Dysregulation Relate

A close up of a woman covering her face with her hand. Learn how anxiety treatment in Champaign, IL can support you in addressing emotional regulation. Search for anxiety symptoms Champaign, IL, or contact an anxiety therapist in Illinois today.

In my work as a therapist, I often find clients start therapy stating they feel overwhelmed.

They are unable to describe their feelings any further. And that's okay because helping clients name and distinguish between feelings is a large part of my work as a therapist. In the post below, I want to examine what some clients mean when they describe feeling overwhelmed. I will mainly explore the relationship between anxiety and emotional dysregulation. These two may seem like separate struggles, but understanding their connection can be a powerful step toward finding relief from overwhelm. A woman stands covering her face while surrounded by question marks and exclamation points. This could represent the pain of anxiety that anxiety treatment in Champaign, IL can address. Contact an anxiety therapist in Illinois or search for “anxiety symptoms Champaign, IL” to learn more.

Let's start by understanding what we mean by anxiety and emotional dysregulation.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a feeling of unease, restlessness, and worry. It can make your heart race and your thoughts swirl. It won't let you be. It's like having a sense of impending doom. 

Anxiety often creeps in when there's uncertainty or stress. It's normal to experience anxiety from time to time. And it often goes away when one relaxes or the feared experience is over and you see that you're okay. Anxiety only becomes a concern when it starts interfering with your well-being. 

What is Emotional Dysregulation?

Emotional dysregulation refers to difficulty in managing any feelings. It's intense and feels out of your control. And it usually doesn't fit the circumstances. Dysregulation causes emotional highs and lows that can be challenging to experience.

Emotional dysregulation is like a roller coaster for your feelings. It can lead to impulsive reactions as it makes feelings hard to keep up with emotions. When it's hard to find the balance, it can feel like emotions are running your life. Emotional dysregulation interferes with your well-being right from the start. 

How Anxiety and Emotional Dysregulation Relate 

The main distinctions between anxiety and emotional dysregulation lie in their origins and characteristics. Anxiety focuses on possible future events or situations. But, emotional dysregulation revolves around the management of all feelings. While anxiety can slowly build, dysregulation causes quick and intense emotional shifts.

A man covers his face while sitting at a computer desk. This could represent the struggle of anxiety that an anxiety therapist in Illinois can help you overcome. Learn more about anxiety treatment in Champaign, IL, and other services by searching for anxiety symptoms Champaign, IL today. It's important to note that while these concepts have differences, they can often overlap and influence each other. 

Have you ever noticed how feeling anxious can make your emotions run wild? You might feel irritable, have trouble concentrating, and feel on edge. These are traits that can also be signs of emotional dysregulation. Both anxiety and emotional dysregulation can make you feel irritable, find it hard to concentrate, and disrupt your sleep.

Anxiety and emotional dysregulation can occur together. When one shows up, the other one can follow. For example, feeling anxious can heighten emotional intensity, and intense emotions can cue anxiety. 

Chronic anxiety can also fuel emotional dysregulation by intensifying your emotions. At the same time, emotional dysregulation can contribute to anxiety. It can cause worry and doubt in your ability to process your feelings. 

How Anxiety Treatment in Champaign, IL Can Help 

The combination of feeling anxiety and emotional dysregulation can take a toll on your daily life. Imagine trying to focus at work when your mind is racing. Or think about how it can strain your relationships when your reactions are intense and unpredictable. These challenges can affect your overall well-being and sense of happiness.

A woman smiles while sitting across from a woman with a clipboard. This could represent the support an anxiety therapist in Champaign, IL can offer. Learn more about anxiety symptoms Champaign, IL, and how anxiety treatment in Champaign, IL can help. Therapy can help by identifying specific patterns of anxiety and emotional dysregulation. Treatment can also go further and help determine the root causes of both. For example, most of my clients have experiences of childhood emotional neglect in common. And this neglect causes similar symptoms of anxiety in adulthood. Uncovering this link can provide clients with a huge sense of relief even before acquiring new emotional skills. 

Treatment like Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), focuses on supporting emotional regulation specifically. DBT focuses on teaching skills that help clients tolerate intense emotions without overreacting. DBT also lessens avoidance of feelings and supports clients in problem-solving. 

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