Online Therapy in Illinois

Image of a woman on a computer. I offer teletherapy in Illinois. I can help as a online therapist based out of Mahomet, IL 61853. Contact me today to get started with online therapy in Illinois 61821. Springfield, IL 62711

You want to start therapy, but it's not as easy as it sounds. Perhaps you live in Springfield, Chicago, or Barrington, and you don't have time to sit in traffic trying to get to your appointment. Or you might live in Monticello and not have a lot of choices when it comes to mental health resources. Maybe attending counseling from your own home is more comfortable


Online Therapy in Illinois is The Solution. 

You want specialized counseling, but you also need therapy to fit your lifestyle. My clients struggled to maintain consistency in treatment with in-person sessions due to the everyday hassles of life. So I began offering them teletherapy sessions in 2018. I quickly realized I could provide the same quality mental health services through secure online therapy without clients traveling to my office location. Teletherapy has been so effective for my clients that my practice, Live Lekko PLLC, is now entirely online. 


Benefits of Seeing An Online Therapist

  • Online therapy is convenient. You'll no longer have to cancel your appointment because your child is not at school or the weather is unsafe for travel. 
  • Teletherapy is effective. Expanding your search for an online therapist to the entire state of Illinois offers you more opportunities for specialized care. While also giving you more access to therapists without waiting for an opening in town. 
  • Online therapy is more private. You won't be running into other clients in the waiting room. 
  • Teletherapy is flexible. You can meet with me from your workplace or home. Your partner or family member can join sessions if needed from a different Ilinois location. 
  • Online therapy is easy to use. Secure video platforms work on computers, tablets, and smartphones. 


Perfectionism and Anxiety Treatment In Teletherapy

A woman with arm out stretched in joy. Interested in teletherapy in Illinois? We provide all of out specialties through online therapy in Illinois. As an online therapist I can help wherever you are in Illinois. Whetehr it's Champaign, Springfiled, Peoria or somewhere in between. Call today! 61821 | 62711 | 61525

As an online therapist, I will work with you through your fear and avoidance in counseling, you'll learn many new skills. Telehealth helps you generalize the skills you learn in session to your daily life since you'll be making those connections in your workplace and home versus my office. You can immediately start implementing your techniques to gain freedom from perfectionism. Additionally, you can more easily identify and work through your anxiety triggers in anxiety treatment.


Burnout and Depression Treatment With Online Therapy in Illinois

Symptoms of burnout and depression often revolve around low energy and motivation. You may even struggle to leave the house. Online therapy can make it easier to start treatment during a difficult time. Thus allowing you to maintain the consistency in treatment necessary for recovery. 


Emotional dysregulation and childhood emotional neglect counseling with Teletherapy

Clients who struggle with emotional dysregulation and have a history of childhood emotional neglect often find it challenging to be vulnerable. An online therapist in Illinois can help you create your own safe space for sessions. Being comfortable will help you share more freely, allowing for faster progress. 


Begin online therapy in Illinois with Anna Minor LCSW at Live Lekko PLLC. 

Illustration of a teletherapy session on phones. As an online therapist in Illinois I can bring specialized care to you. Whether you are in OakBrook, Peoria, or Barrington I can help. Get started in online therapy in Illinois today! 60523 | 61525 | 60010

Online therapy in Illinois is a great option for all of the therapy services that we offer. Whether you want to address perfectionism, burnout, or depression our online therapist can help. At Live Lekko, you will receive a free consultation in the same setting as a teletherapy appointment. This gives you a chance to see how beneficial it can really be. To get started follow these simple steps.

  1. Call or text 217-402-7817 to book your free consultation at Live Lekko.
  2. Have your first specialized treatment with your online therapist.
  3. Start receiving counseling from the comfort of your home or work.


Services We Offer Through Teletherapy in Illinois

All of the therapy services I offer at Live Lekko are offered through online therapy. These services include therapy for perfectionism, anxiety treatment, and depression treatment. As well as therapy for childhood emotional neglect, burnout, and stress. I can also support you with counseling for women, grief, and people-pleasing. Whether you are in Mahomet, Peoria, Springfield, Barrington, Champaign, or anywhere else in Illinois I can help as an online therapist in Illinois.