Tips for Stress Relief From An Illinois Therapist

Image of a black woman in an orange sweater with her hands up. Showing how hard idle time for stress relief in Springfield, IL can be. When this is the reaction to boredom and idle time them therapy for stress in Illinois with an online therapist can help.

When I find myself stressed, I often wish I could freeze time. I want extra space to escape, catch up to the moment at my own pace, and recover without any negative consequences for anyone. Unfortunately, there is no magical time advantage like this to give us some stress relief. And no amount of efficiency and productivity skills will keep you from burnout if you have too many things to do in the first place.

Stress Relief Isn’t Always As Easy As It Sounds

Image of a black woman in an orange sweater with her hands up. Showing how hard idle time for stress relief in Springfield, IL can be. When this is the reaction to boredom and idle time them therapy for stress in Illinois with an online therapist can help.

The reality is that when stressed, you need to pause and recalibrate. If you’re a high-achiever then this doesn’t come easy for you. Additionally, your history of people-pleasing makes it challenging to live within your limits. However, you’re human like everyone else, and it’s essential to start looking for opportunities to slow down during moments of stress. Accepting the need for a pause versus pushing through will also help you change perfectionistic beliefs about yourself to more realistic and self-compassionate ones. As a result, you can rejuvenate without the need to freeze time.

Idle Time Is The Key To Stress Relief

The key to stress relief and one of the best ways to slow down is to embrace idle time. Allow yourself moments to do nothing. Doing nothing is not wasted time; it’s a vital component of mental health. However, if you’re like most of my clients, this idea can feel scary, so the following are some ways to ease into idle time.

Embrace Social Time & Fun Activities

Replacing some of your work time with social time will help you embrace idle time. In addition, connecting with others and building relationships can help you destress and make your free time feel fulfilling. Success in this area depends on resisting the urge to volunteer for new tasks while socializing. For example, please don’t leave your friend’s party committing to the PTA because someone at dinner mentioned it. Combining social time with activities can help you not act on this urge, especially if the activities are silly and pointless.

Get Stress Relief By Embracing Boredom

Image of colored pencils and someone coloring an adult mandala. Showing one of the hobbies that an online therapist in Illinois might suggest in therapy for stress. This is an activity that can be used for stress relief in Peoria, Springfield, Chicago, or Champaign, IL.

Removing distractions can also help you embrace idle time. Make boredom the new way to relax. Binge-watching television shows and playing games on one’s phone seem like good ways to unwind, but these activities are stimulating and keep you in work mode. Instead, take up a hobby that gives you a break from technology. Picking an impractical hobby is recommended as it can help you resist the urge to turn an enjoyable activity into work.

Use Mindfulness To Protect Your Idle Time

Protect your leisure and relaxation by increasing your idle time. Starting a mindfulness practice can help you linger in the pauses. Mindfulness practices often begin with simple and short exercises to help you get present using your senses. As an online therapist in Illinois, I have found that pairing mindfulness exercises with nature can be helpful to stay in the moment longer.

Image of purple wild flowers with with a woman in the background. Representing how nature can help with stress relief in Springfield, IL. You can enjoy moments like this with the help of an online therapist through therapy for stress in Champaign, Peoria, Chicago, or Springfield, Illinois.

Final Thoughts On Stress Relief From An Online Therapist

Supporting my clients in slowing down is a foundational part of therapy. Finding ways to pause can help you find relief and renewed energy. In addition, extending moments of idle time will aid you in building flexibility in your schedule, so you spend your time more on things that matter to you. If you’re looking for ways to decrease stress levels, I hope you schedule a free consultation today.

Get Support Through Therapy For Stress Relief in Illinois

If you are a high-achiever, people-pleaser, or perfectionist adding idle time into your life can feel difficult or even impossible. As a therapist based in Mahomet, IL many of my clients have felt the same way. However, through online therapy for stress and burnout, they have learned how to embrace idle time in their everyday lives. You too can have support in getting stress relief. Follow these steps to start counseling at Live Lekko:

  1. Reach out for a free consultation by texting or calling 217-402-7817
  2. Schedule your first appointment at Live Lekko for stress and burnout
  3. Start enjoying idle time and fun activities again

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