Therapy for Therapists in Illinois

A graphic showing two women talking, which could represent the support therapy for therapists in Illinois can offer for mental health workers. Learn more about therapist burnout in Champaign, IL and how therapy for therapist in Champaign, IL can help. 
Therapists have feelings, too, but they don't always have a place to express them. 

As a therapist, you dedicate your professional life to the well-being of others. You've spent years learning how to be a good therapist. You focus on self-awareness to gain deeper insights into your emotional responses, biases, and triggers. You develop top-notch boundaries that create healthy and therapeutic relationships with clients. And you keep expanding your knowledge base to maintain a high-quality standard of care. 

As a result, you've become a fantastic therapist. You're professional, effective, and can take on challenging cases. Your clients get excellent results, and people love working with you. 

But what about when the work begins to affect you negatively? What about when the work gets too heavy? Or when you get sick or have a personal crisis?

Stress and Burnout Therapy for Therapists

There are unique stressors that come with being a therapist. You need lots of energy to hear, feel for, and help clients. Each client requires a personalized approach. And each client brings out something new in you. Therefore, you must work through both continuously to keep providing quality care. 

Being a therapist comes with a high risk of compassion fatigue. You support clients all day. Then, you show up for your family. As a result, there's little energy left to care for yourself. By the end of the day, you're done with emotions, done with talking, and want to tune out the world. 

But this approach drains you even further. It quickly leads to burnout, where work and life are a struggle. You feel worn out and find yourself going through the motions with little feeling. 

Don't wait until you need to take leave from work or until you are thinking of changing careers to seek therapy. Therapy can help you prevent burnout and manage the unique work stress that therapists face so that you can continue in the profession you love and thrive in your life as well. 

Anxiety and Depression Therapy for Therapists

A man covers his face and a tired expression while sitting in front of a laptop. This could represent the struggles of therapist burnout in Champaign, IL. Learn more about therapy for therapists in Illinois by contacting a therapist for therapists in Mahomet, IL today. 
Therapists who deal with their own mental health issues can be some of the most effective therapists. They offer a unique perspective and have great empathy. However, stress and burnout from work can increase anxiety and depressive symptoms that therapists may already be trying to manage. 

Being a therapist requires careful balance, especially if you want to maintain a high quality of life. You must always maintain boundaries to protect yourself from the emotional burden of work, even when you're feeling great. But when your mental health is low and not in check, the emotional toil of work can exacerbate it. 

The nature of being a therapist can also make it difficult to get support during these times. You can't take off or work without considering the effect this will have on your clients and their progress, and you can't easily switch to a desk job while you need to recover.

Therefore, it can be easy for a therapist to downplay their symptoms or mask them and try to push through. However, it's during these times that therapy becomes crucial. Treatment helps you break your tendency to isolate and white-knuckle it. Therapy supports you in getting back to being flexible and putting your needs first. 

Trauma Therapy for Therapists

Even as a trained expert, you're not immune to trauma. And often, the nature of your work makes you uniquely vulnerable to trauma. 

Therapists are at significant risk for secondary trauma as they listen to stories of pain and distress on repeat. They also face the psychological burdens of ethical dilemmas and possible negative client outcomes. There's a lot at stake when taking on the role of a therapist. 

Many therapists have also been traumatized by clients, bosses, and even their peers. Therapists have been put in unsafe situations with clients and without proper support. They have also been placed between administrators and clients in challenging cases and left to take the fall. 

Unresolved trauma from your past can also surface through your work with clients. Some traumas have been so invalidated throughout the years that they are easy to overlook. However, these traumas will eventually be reflected in your work and need to be processed. 

Therapy Just for You

A close up of a person taking notes while sitting across from another woman. This could represent the support that a therapist for therapists in Mahomet, IL can offer. Search for solutions to therapist burnout in Champaign, IL and learn how personal therapy for therapists in Champaign, IL can help. 
It's a given that any therapy that you do for yourself will eventually benefit clients and your work. 

But it's also essential to use it just for you. You don't exist only to serve others. You matter and have worth just for being you. 

Begin Therapy for Therapists in Illinois

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Other Services Offered with Live Lekko

Therapy for therapists isn't the only service offered at Live Lekko. I'm happy to provide a variety of mental health services including trauma therapy, therapy for perfectionism, counseling for women, anxiety treatment, and depression treatment. In addition, I also offer therapy for burnout and stress, grief, people-pleasing, and childhood emotional neglect. Whether you are in Mahomet, Peoria, Springfield, Champaign, Chicago, or anywhere else in Illinois I can help with online therapy. Get started today to start living a life you enjoy.