Therapy for Perfectionism in Illinois

You're not going to do something half-assed. There's a right way to do things, and you will find it, even if it takes you all night. Failure is not an option, and trial and error take too long. So you will find the right way!


Your Struggles as A Perfectionist in Illinois

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If you are a perfectionist, the above is a common motto. Doing things any other way feels wrong. However, even though you strive for perfection, you don't reach it, and you feel worse about yourself than when you started. 

You thought you'd be confident by now. Instead, you feel more like an imposter because accomplishing tasks is not easy for you. The results are never up to standards, and you're ashamed of how much time you waste procrastinating. People would be shocked if they saw your mess and the number of things you have left undone. 

You thought trying to be flawless would bring more connection. Instead, your perfectionism leads you to be easily irritated with others. It's hard to approach you, but you don't know how to break the tension. It feels easier to withdraw. You convince yourself you need the time away to get yourself back on track.


Support For Perfectionism in Illinois

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Perfectionism is a false promise of happiness, and it turns you into someone you're not. It leaves you feeling defeated, ashamed, and alone. 

You don't need to wait until you're experiencing burnout symptoms to seek support from a perfectionism therapist in Illinois

Therapy for perfectionism can help. With counseling, you will stop striving for perfection to prove your worth. You will no longer feel the need to fix yourself. Instead, you will develop flexibility and internal motivation that is realistic, achievable, and self-compassionate. 


Common Signs of Perfectionism

At Live Lekko, I have seen a variety of symptoms that perfectionists are suffering from. Every person is unique and so is their experience with perfectionism. Below are some of the most common signs of perfectionism: 

  • Working inefficiently 
  • Suffering from decision fatigue
  • Procrastinating or leaving tasks unfinished 
  • Impatient and give up easily
  • Feeling like you're always running out of time 
  • Blaming yourself when things don't work out
  • Critical of yourself and others
  • Get stuck in comparison
  • Sensitive to criticism from others 


Image of a woman surrounded by bright green trees. As a perfectionism therapist I understand your struggles. I can help your perfectionism in Champaign, IL 61821. End your struggles as a perfectionist in Mahomet, IL 61853. Call today to start therapy for perfectionism in Springfield, IL 62711. Let's get started!

My Approach As A Perfectionism Therapist

I know how easy it is to fall into the perfectionism trap as a form of anxiety treatment. I know you're working and how tired you must feel. For the past 15 years, I have been supporting clients just like you as a perfectionism therapist. 

In therapy, we will work together to learn more about how perfectionism shows up in your life. Above all, we will be able to determine what keeps it going and find alternatives that are more aligned with your values and goals. With this approach, you learn to address your needs without judgment. As a perfectionism therapist in Illinois, I am here to help you learn how to enjoy life right now without waiting for a perfect result. 

The perfectionists that come to Live Lekko, near Champaign, IL for help often wish they would have started therapy sooner. They spent years researching therapists but would hesitate to schedule an appointment. Instead, they would talk themselves out of it and convince themselves to try harder on their own. I offer a free consultation to help you get started and offer strategies during our first session to help you stay committed for the next one. 


Start Therapy for Perfectionism in Illinois

Are you struggling with being a perfectionist? As a perfectionism therapist in Illinois, I am here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way. Therapy at Live Lekko can help you find alternatives and start enjoying life without perfectionism. It all starts by following these steps three steps.

  1. Text or call 217-402-7817 for a free consultation with Live Lekko.
  2. Have your first appointment with a perfectionism therapist.
  3. Learn tools to start enjoying your life right now.


Other Services At Live Lekko in Champaign, IL

Therapy for perfectionism isn't all I offer at Live Lekko based in Mahomet, IL. In addition to this, I provide trauma therapy, counseling for women, anxiety treatment, and depression treatment. As well as therapy for burnout and stress, grief, people-pleasing, and childhood emotional neglect. Whether you are in Mahomet, Peoria, Springfield, Champaign, or anywhere else in Illinois I can help with online therapy. Get started today to start living a life you enjoy.