Therapy for Burnout & Stress Relief

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You take on too many tasks. This pattern has been in your life for as long as you can remember. Growing up, you're the one who got good grades, was involved in school activities, volunteered, and even had a couple of part-time jobs. 

You've achieved a lot with this hustle, but it's becoming harder to enjoy your accomplishments. In addition to work, you have a family now, and the demands of life pile up more quickly than they are getting checked off. You're struggling to keep up, but you're scared of what will happen if you stop.

A Therapist's Take on Burnout

In the same way that stress can exist in your workplace, daily life, and family, so can burnout. Burnout is not a temporary state of being tired and stressed. Instead, it places unrealistic expectations on you and becomes exhausting and dehumanizing.

Burnout is not all on you. Blaming yourself and using self-improvement to be more productive is not going to make it better. Instead, it's essential to see where stress shows up in your life and the systems that maintain it. The cycle of burnout thrives on making you think you're the problem. When you cannot meet its expectations, it blames you. If the system that puts stress on you convinces you that you're the problem, it doesn't need to change. 

Image of a woman sitting beside a lake in a field. Sometimes it takes support from an online therapist for stress relief to be effective. Burnout is real and not temporary but you can start healing. We can help you get relief from stress in Mahomet, IL 61852. Springfield, IL 62711

However, some people can resist getting stuck in burnout. If they encounter a person or an organization that crosses their boundaries and tries to take advantage of them, they either push back or leave. Most of my clients start therapy for burnout and stress relief because they find this hard to do. They often have a history of having their thoughts and feelings denied. They are used to meeting the needs of others before themselves. It's easy to see how quickly one can get trapped in a cycle of burnout.

Stress & Burnout Symptoms

Here are some red flags that you're stressed and experiencing burnout. If you are experiencing some or all of these it might be time to reach out for support from an online therapist in Illinois.

Burnout and Stress Relief

Image of a woman sitting in bed smiling. Stress can often turn into burnout symptoms in Champaign, IL 61821. As an online therapist I can help you get stress relief in Peoria, IL 61525. Contact me today to get started!I understand that viewing stress and burnout this way is new territory and a paradigm shift but I'm so glad that you are looking at your environment and starting to question it as a possible source of your stress and burnout. Versus continuing to view yourself as the problem

At Live Lekko, we work on recovery from burnout by creating healthy limits and boundaries. You learn to identify your needs, act on them, and communicate them effectively to others. As a result, not only can you recover from burnout and start feeling stress relief, but you can also prevent it. 

Burnout does not need to be the new normal. It is dangerous, and managing it will not make it better. If you are experiencing burnout symptoms, take the next step in living life on your terms and call today. 

Ready to Start Therapy for Burnout & Stress Relief in Champaign, IL

At Live Lekko, you can start getting stress relief while healing from burnout. It all starts by getting support and learning techniques for creating boundaries. As an online therapist in Illinois, I can help you no matter if you are in Springfield, Champaign, or anywhere else in the state. I want to make the process of starting therapy and reducing your burnout symptoms as simple as possible. Follow these steps to start living life on your terms.

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  3. Start setting boundaries and reducing burnout symptoms

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