Stress and Burnout with New Years Resolutions: Part 2

A close up of a calendar with new years resolutions including dieting and going to the gym. Learn how a depression therapist in Illinois can support you in addressing depression symptoms in Springfield, IL. Search “depression treatment Springfield, IL to learn more today.

It's February. The time when most New Year's resolutions fail. 

And if you've read the first blog on this topic, you know this failure is not proof of laziness or lack of motivation on your part. On the contrary, New Year's resolutions are stressful, meant to fail, and often lead to burnout

A woman sits with a concerned expression and hands together. Search “depression treatment Springfield, IL” to learn more about the support a depression therapist in Illinois can offer with new years resolutions. New Year's resolutions can be tempting for people with anxiety and depression, but they are likely to worsen symptoms. Below are three ways to resist making New Year's resolutions and protect your energy for added rest and recovery. 

Use self-awareness to help you resist making New Year's resolutions.

It's easy to get caught up in comparisons and live life based on other people's expectations, but resisting comparisons helps keep you from making New Year's resolutions. By using self-awareness to determine what's important to you, you can break away from people-pleasing behaviors. Values help refocus your actions and make this breakaway process more effortless.  

Self-awareness can also bring clarity. New Year's resolutions thrive in confusion and self-doubt. Practicing self-awareness can help you notice what's behind the urge to compare and make New Year's resolutions. For example, my clients can be prone to worry about needing to be better and overworking to prove their worth. Self-awareness allows them to remove barriers to being themselves in the world versus focusing only on change. 

Use self-compassion to face the facts and accept reality. 

When you use self-awareness, your ability to feel self-compassion also increases. This increase in self-compassion can help you challenge the false beliefs that make New Year's resolutions so appealing.

A woman rests her head on her hand while looking out a window with a blank expression. Learn how a depression therapist in Illinois can offer support with overcoming depression symptoms by searching “depression therapy Peoria, IL today” for info. Self-compassion can protect you from taking on any guilt and shame when New Year's resolutions fail. Instead, you can confront environmental stressors and societal systems for the pressure they impose. 

Self-compassion will help you prioritize your recovery from anxiety and burnout. You won't be susceptible to the fake and momentary relief that New Year's resolutions can bring, and you'll be able to see your symptoms more clearly. In addition, self-compassion eases one into acceptance and makes treatment for anxiety and depression more manageable. 

Focus on celebration instead of self-improvement.

When you practice self-awareness and self-compassion, it'll be easier to find things you already enjoy and value about your life. You can then practice protecting the enjoyable versus focusing on constant improvement. 

This reset is important. People quickly pass through their accomplishments and, along with it, feelings of pride and joy. If you're like most of my clients, your success took work. Self-compassion can help you appreciate your effort. 


A person stands with arms raised as they watch the sunrise. This could represent overcoming depression symptoms in Springfield, IL with the help of a depression therapist in Illinois. Learn more by searching “depression therapy Peoria, IL” today. Refrain from letting New Year's resolutions distract your life. 

If you resist the trap of New Year's resolutions, you are likely to find that you are already living your life how you want and not far from your values. As a result, you will have much more time and energy for rest, rejuvenation, and other essential parts of your life. 

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