Self-Worth & Compassion in the Face of Anxiety & Perfectionism Pt. 4

Image of a woman sitting at her computer with her head down suffering from anxiety symptoms in Peoria, IL. As a perfectionism therapist in Illinois I help address these symptoms. With anxiety treatment in Champaign, IL I can help you embrace the self-worth and self-compassion that you need and deserve. Call today to learn more!

In previous blogs, I introduce the connection between perfectionism and anxiety. As a perfectionism therapist, I also explain this connection as a fear of failure and the pain of not feeling good enough. I further show how my clients try to avoid the accompanying feelings of guilt and shame with procrastination. As well as how they can lead to overworking, but it only leads to further avoidance and burnout.

Are You Struggling With Your Self-Worth?

The truth is my clients, like you, are already good enough. Self-worth is not something to earn; it’s already yours for the taking. And unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to prevent all suffering from happening. Instead, this anxious and perfectionistic behavior takes all your energy and leaves you depressed and in more pain than when you started.

Instead, it’s essential to look for ways to tolerate the uncomfortable fear of failure and the potential judgment, shame, and rejection that can come with doing things that are important to you. Doing so lessens the misery over time and leads to lasting reassurance, confidence, and hope. However, to go about this change in a way that is different and not self-punishing, we want to make sure each new approach is self-compassionate.

Breaking Unhealthy Habits As A Perfectionism Therapist

Image of a woman sitting on a rock and writing in a journal. As a perfectionism therapist and anxiety therapist in Peoria, IL I still suffer form procrastination while trying to write blogs. However I have used the tips in this blog series to overcome that obstacle of perfectionism. I can help you to with anxiety treatment in Champaign, IL. Call today to start!

In previous posts, I introduce some of these approaches when I describe how I’m breaking my procrastination and overworking habits when writing blogs. I’m breaking these habits by setting realistic limits. Starting with a simple plan that has healthy boundaries and works with my other values helps me create new self-compassionate patterns.

For example, I will not be waking up at 5:00 am to write. While it may work for others, it doesn’t work for me. Staying up later to connect with my family and getting a good night’s sleep is more important to me than waking up early to write. Realistic limits also help me build patience with myself and allow me to make mistakes. I now have time to work through writer’s block and experiment with new techniques. Finally, realistic limits help give me the space to practice being kinder to myself and to remove personal judgment from my writing.

Build A Like-Minded Support System With the Help of a Perfectionsim Therapist

Another thing that helps replace my anxious and perfectionistic writing process with a self-compassionate one is surrounding myself with other writers who share similar values. As I mentioned before, writing is hard work, and it is a relief to know that it continues to be hard for others, even experienced writers. In these writing communities, I feel appreciated and encouraged to be myself. And being true to myself helps build my confidence in writing and allows me to find joy in the process. If you are having a hard time finding people with similar values to surround yourself with find support in a therapist. A perfectionism therapist can help you find your self-compassion and self-worth. Which can often make finding further support easier.

Learning to write blogs is just one area of my life where I am breaking my anxious and perfectionistic habits. I also use a similar approach in other areas of my life and with clients at Live Lekko. And it yields the same emotionally freeing results. So if you want to face a fear of failure in a specific part of your life or want to be more compassionate to yourself in general, perfectionism therapy and anxiety treatment can help.

Image of a family of 4 playing outside in a field. Are you being held back by anxiety symptoms in Peoria, IL? Trying to overcome perfectionism in Champaign, IL? Either way as an online perfectionism therapist in Illinois I am here for you. Start anxiety treatment to feel better and start enjoying the smaller things in live. Call today to learn more.

Start Getting Support With A Perfectionism Therapist in Illinois

Throughout the blogs in this series, I have laid out several tips on how to face and deal with perfectionism and anxiety. Hopefully, they have helped you to start embracing your self-worth and self-compassion. However, sometimes we all need additional support and guidance to do that. If you are looking for some like-minded support I can help you as a perfectionism therapist in Illinois. I offer both anxiety treatment and therapy for perfectionism in Champaign, Springfield, Peoria, or anywhere else within the state through teletherapy.

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