Back To The Basics of Stress Relief & Self-Care

Being an online therapist, I’m a big self-care advocate. However, I also have a history of overworking in all areas of life. I know the negative consequences of putting off my needs, so taking care of myself and not burning out has become a priority, and I have adopted some simple strategies to help with stress relief


Image of a woman experiencing stress at work in Champaign, IL. Work burnout, overworking and procrastination are 3 of the things that I help address iun therapy for stress in Illinois. At Live Lekko I can help you create a plan for stress relief in Springfield or Peoria, IL. Call today to learn more!

Summer is usually an easy time for me to recharge and refocus my attention on any neglected areas of self-care. Consequently, my workload lessens in the summer, so I can fully embrace this slowdown.

I use my extra time in the summer to reconnect with family and friends. And I spend most of my days outside. By the fall, I’m ready for the kids to return to school and have my days back to myself. Typically, I’m refreshed, connected, and prepared to take on new projects at work. But this year, I felt different.

What Happens When We Don’t Take Time to Care For Our Needs?

Image of self care spelled out on small wood blocks. The purpose of self-care is to find a way to address your stress in Champaign, IL. However sometimes stress relief requires some self-discipline to be truly effective. Learn how to create a plan that will truly benefit you with therapy for stress in Peoria, Illinois. Call today!

I noticed I wasn’t replenishing. Instead, I felt more tired as the summer went on. And it became easy to withdraw and pick distracting activities. My self-care was quickly turning into numbing out. And if you’ve read my previous posts, you know this isn’t good. I was entering burnout territory where procrastination was starting in all areas, even self-care. Avoidance is not restful, and it’s part of the burnout cycle. It only leads to more stress and overwork. And a life that goes between extremes of procrastination and overwork is unhealthy and causes unnecessary suffering.

So I did what therapists do, and I dug deeper. I took inventory of my life and realized that even though I have been simplifying my life to adjust to the recent pandemic, it was still not enough. Due to the pandemic, I did not experience a summer slowdown in the last couple of years. In reality, my responsibilities and workload grew despite my efforts to simplify and adjust. And because of this, like any other human, my brain shut down. It had had enough and was going to force me into a slowdown.

Self-Discipline Is A Part of The Basics of Stress Relief and Self-Care

So I had to go back to self-care and stress relief basics. Self-care is not about taking vacations, eating out, forgetting responsibilities, or going to the spa. It’s about knowing what small things you can do now to recover and what small things you can do now that will also make you feel taken care of in six months. These small but significant actions are the self-discipline aspect of self-care. And that is what I did.

Image of a mother and daughter doing yoga in a living room. Yoga is one way to get stress relief in Springfield or Peoria, IL. It is a great for of excercise and can help you release muscles that are tense form stress. I can also help with therapy for stress in Illinois. Call today to learn more!

I replenished by removing distractions and embracing idle time, simplifying my leisure, and slowly completing chores that significantly impact my daily life. Of course, none of these things were what I wanted to do at the moment. But I knew from experience they were necessary for my self-care. And surely enough, working slowly through these proved to be what I needed as my energy and motivation returned, and I began feeling more like myself.

Therapy for Stress Relief in Illinois Can Help

If you’re finding yourself in a place of stress and burnout and are noticing yourself avoiding self-care, therapy for stress relief can help. It can help you take inventory and identify areas of need and importance in your life. As an online therapist in Illinois, I can support you in developing a self-care routine that protects your time and space for recovery. No matter where you are in the state Live Lekko can help you get back to the basics. When you are ready start by following these steps:

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  3. Start feeling motivated and energized

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