How to Support a Partner with Seasonal Depression Without Burning Out

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As a therapist, I often see how Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) can impact relationships. My clients, whose partners struggle with SAD, often notice the strain it puts on their relationship. My clients want to support their partners but often overhelp and feel burned out. Learning how to validate a partner with SAD while maintaining your mental health is essential. 

Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder 

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of depression mainly occurring during winter. While everyone can experience Seasonal Affective Disorder differently, people often describe their symptoms as low mood, less energy, and changes in appetite and sleep. Symptoms are temporary and usually improve once sunlight increases in duration.

Seeing your partner suffer is painful. Yet, understanding SAD is essential to know that you cannot make your partner feel better. 

Below, I introduce steps you can take to support a partner dealing with Seasonal Affective Disorder while also taking care of yourself.

Keep engaging in activities that bring you joy

My clients find that they start adjusting their behavior when their partner shows signs of SAD. They stop doing their everyday activities and instead focus all their time and attention on their partner. It's often a result of people-pleasing habits they learn in their childhood. Instead, it's essential to continue in self-care by not stopping your normal activities. Participating in these activities will help you remain understanding of your partner during this critical time. 

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Refueling your energy through self-care also helps you remain patient with your partner. But, noticing when a partner's symptoms negatively affect you is essential to your mental health. So many of my clients struggle to understand their limits due to habits they learned growing up that instill in them to ignore their feelings. Instead, paying attention to your experiences as a partner of someone with SAD will help you determine your needs without growing bitter in the process. 

Communicate Boundaries 

Paying attention to your feelings also helps with emotional regulation. Emotion regulation is crucial in remaining supportive of your partner while communicating your limits. A healthy relationship doesn't exist where one partner can put all their needs on hold for a long time. Sharing your feelings and limitations helps build trust in your relationship and keeps resentment away. 

Encourage Professional Support 

Even though Seasonal Affective Disorder is time-limited, the symptoms are still distressing and often require treatment. The partner with SAD is responsible for working through their symptoms and seeking treatment when necessary. On the other hand, you are supportive by being patient and letting your partner take the lead on their symptoms. Not micromanaging your partner by taking the lead in their treatment is essential. 

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