How to Manage the Stress of Feeling Unappreciated

A woman sits alone on a park bench while looking out at a hilly landscape. This could represent the isolation felt by being unappreciated. Learn more about stress relief in Peoria, IL and how a therapist in Mahomet, IL can offer support. Search for an online therapist in Illinois for remote support today.

A close up of a woman hugging herself while smiling. This could represent the self love after gaining self-validation. Learn more about how a therapist in Mahomet, IL can offer support with stress relief in Peoria, IL and Chicago by searching for therapy for stress in Illinois today. My clients pour their hearts into all areas of their lives and are the first to offer help. They put extra effort into their work and volunteer to support their community. 

They are also always the first to help their family and friends. It doesn't matter if you are new to them or have been in their lives forever—they will give you the same attention and care. They don't do these things to seek recognition, but they feel unappreciated when no one notices their contributions. Feeling unappreciated can weigh on them, affect their minds, and lead to burnout and strained relationshipsIn the following post, I will offer some steps to take to cope with stress when you feel unappreciated. 

The Importance of Self-Validation

When feeling unappreciated, seek validation inside yourself first. Self-validation is empowering. Learning to self-validate can reduce your frustration and help you trust your judgment.

One way to practice self-validation is to learn to check the facts about the situation. This skill lets you stay objective about the problem. You use it to piece together what happened. As a result, you can get the information that you need while also not avoiding a painful situation.

Another way to practice self-validation is to acknowledge your feelings about being unappreciated. For some people, not being appreciated makes them angry or frustrated. For others, it leads to disappointment and sadness. Identifying your feelings is the first step to regulating emotions and lowering stress.  

Learning to self-validate during stress will help your overall mental health. It will also boost your self-respect by helping you set boundaries. 

Set Boundaries to Feel Appreciated

BoundariesA graphic showing people creating personal boundaries in different circumstances. Learn how therapy for stress in Illinois can offer support in creating healthy boundaries. Contact an online therapist for support with stress relief in Peoria, IL today. are vital. They help you observe your limits and communicate them to others. They are a form of self-care and can help you feel appreciated.

For example, you may do more than your fair share of domestic and parenting labor, and your partner may not notice. You are communicating a boundary by assertively talking with your partner about the issue. You are also maintaining a boundary by being willing to accept support from your partner. 

Boundaries will benefit you no matter how your partner responds. When you act on them, you display self-respect. Self-respect gives you energy. It builds confidence as you go along. This confidence leads to new boundaries that are easier to hold and help you feel more appreciated. 

Identify Trauma if You Have a History of Being Unappreciated

If you try to self-validate and find that your feelings don't make sense or are an overreaction to the situation, this may be a symptom of a deeper issue.

Essential people in your life may have a pattern of not noticing or valuing you. This kind of pattern may be an example of traumatic invalidation. Traumatic invalidation can make you believe that you and your behavior are unacceptable to others. 

If you do not fix traumatic invalidation, you will also struggle to validate yourself. You are also more likely to second-guess your feelings. And you will find it hard to identify justified emotions. 

Setting boundaries will also be tricky if you suffer from traumatic invalidation because you are more likely to struggle with people-pleasing and identifying your needs. 

A close up of a person holding a clipboard and gesturing with their hands while sitting across from a person. This could represent the support a therapist in Mahomet, IL can offer with stress relief in Peoria, IL. Search for therapy for stress in Illinois or "stress champaign, il" today. Therefore, it is essential to identify and resolve trauma in your life. 

Therapy for Stress Relief in Peoria, IL Can Help You Feel Appreciated

Therapy can help you feel appreciated. In treatment, I simplify the skills of checking the facts and identifying feelings so you can feel support right from the start.  Therapy can also help you identify boundaries and practice communicating assertively. In therapy, I also screen for trauma and can provide treatment to resolve it.  

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