Holiday Family Anxiety and Boundaries: Part 4

A family of three walk together representing the bond cultivated by an anxiety therapist in Mahomet, IL. Learn more about the support a therapist for childhood emotional neglect in Illinois can offer by searching for anxiety treatment in Champaign, IL today.

A silhouette of a family having fun together by a lake. Learn how a therapist for childhood emotional neglect in Illinois can offer support in addressing past pain. Learn more about anxiety treatment in Champaign, IL to learn more from an anxiety therapist in Mahomet, IL today. In this blog series, I introduce holiday family anxiety, how it relates to childhood emotional neglect, and how boundaries with family can start creating change. The post below will conclude this series by highlighting the benefits of holiday boundaries, not just for clients personally but also for their families.

Clients create boundaries with their families during the holidays to stop the burnout that results from unhealthy family dynamics. With the help of boundaries, clients can decrease their anxiety by refocusing their time and attention on themselves versus family expectations and demands.  

As clients refocus their energy on their emotional health, they no longer dismiss their feelings and needs. Also, clients take responsibility for their healing by learning to face uncomfortable feelings and not pass them on to others. As a result, as clients heal from childhood emotional neglect, they grow in confidence, fulfillment, and connection. 

Personal family boundaries break unhealthy generational patterns.

As we know, family boundaries help clients feel relief and protect them from harm. However, there are also other positive consequences of enforcing personal limits with family. For my clients, boundaries also break the generational cycles of childhood emotional neglect by protecting their children and offering their parents an opportunity for repair and change. 

Personal family boundaries positively impact your children

A family of four holds hands while walking together across a field. This could symbolize the support an anxiety therapist in Champaign, IL can offer in cultivating stronger bonds. Search “anxiety symptoms Springfield, IL” to learn more about overcoming family anxiety today.Clients who are parents often worry enforcing personal limits with their parents will make the connections between family members and their kids worse. This worry is a false belief rooted in misplaced shame and guilt. And blaming yourself for things you're not doing wrong is an expected consequence of growing up with childhood emotional neglect. In reality, you are supporting healthy family relationships by enforcing these boundaries. At the same time, you are also protecting your children from experiencing the same emotional neglect you faced growing up. Even though you may wish it were different, your family will likely dismiss your children's needs and feelings just like they did yours. And it is one of your tasks as a parent to help instill healthy emotional development in your children. 

Personal family boundaries positively impact your family of origin. 

Childhood emotional neglect often has a generational pattern. My clients can quickly point to examples of their grandparents dismissing their parents' feelings, needs, and opinions in similar ways as experienced by them. They can also point to a need for more connection and depth in previous generations. Therefore, when my clients start creating healthy boundaries, it's usually an adjustment for their families. However, these boundaries are still beneficial for your family. They give your parents an opportunity for close relationships with you and your children. In addition, your limits can also encourage your parents to consider working on their own healing.   

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A close-up of a family joining hands. This could symbolize the stronger bonds cultivated by working with a therapist for childhood emotional neglect in Illinois. Our team can offer support today from the comfort of home!It's incredible how keeping simple family boundaries during the holidays can decrease anxiety and start the process of recovery from childhood emotional neglect for you and your family. I hope you don't spend another holiday feeling burned out. An anxiety therapist can help support you in creating healthy boundaries with your family. You can start your therapy journey with Live Lekko by following these simple steps:

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