Grief Therapy in Illinois

As an adult, it's normal to grieve your childhood, especially the parts where you could be stress-free from the heavy responsibilities of life, have fun, and play uninterrupted for hours with friends. In addition, looking back in this way makes you appreciate your childhood and helps you remember things you used to love, so you can continue doing them and share the experiences. A healthy childhood builds internal security and a healthy connection with others.

Grief Therapy For The Loss Of Childhood

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For my clients, however, their childhoods were different. They grew up quickly in a stressful environment and couldn't wait to move out of the house. Their family either struggled with emotional maturity or were full-out toxic. As a result, my clients didn't have typical childhood emotional experiences. They didn't have a family that paid attention to them, listened to them, or tried to understand them. They weren't supported or comforted when needed. Instead, they often grew up caring for others' needs, especially their family's emotional needs, putting their childhood on the side.

Most of the clients I work with as a grief counselor in Champaign, IL are grieving the loss of their childhood. And if you resonate with any of the above descriptions, you may be too. If so, you wish things were different growing up. You also likely have a long history of unmet emotional needs. However, these needs were not just crucial in your childhood; they are currently just as vital to your wellbeing.

While growing up like this made you resilient in many ways, it came at the cost of experiences and family relationships that help foster healthy attachment and confidence. Having your emotional development neglected while growing up makes emotions now feel awkward or overwhelming. In addition, you miss out on the ability to practice healthy personal boundaries and have them be respected. As a result, you struggle with vulnerability and the need for approval. You make decisions you regret and often look back on your life with disappointment and bitterness. You carry the pain of not feeling good enough no matter what you do.

Don't get stuck in the pain of your past. Grief therapy can help you recover from old wounds still lingering and holding you back.

Start Healing With the Help of A Grief Counselor

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Grief therapy at Live Lekko provides validation, acceptance, and healing. It enables you to acknowledge the pain of your past so that it stops showing up and hurting your present. Grief and loss counseling allows you to identify the things you missed out on and be able to meet those needs now. In addition, grief therapy will enable you to determine healthy boundaries with your family and the kind of relationships you want while not passing on any negative generational patterns to your children.

You can't escape the pain of childhood with time and distance, but grief therapy can help you account for the losses you experienced. I know how hard it can be to admit that your childhood wasn't what you wanted or needed. However, I want you to know that your present and future can be different and better. I hope you take the next step in healing and call for an appointment today.

Start Grief Therapy in Mahomet, IL

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With the help of a grief counselor, the things you missed out on do not have to keep holding you back. In grief therapy, you can learn to face the things you have missed out on. Thus allowing you to start truly healing. At Live Lekko, I am here to support you. Just follow these steps to get started.

  1. Speak with a grief counselor by texting or calling 217-402-7817
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  3. Start your healing journey!

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As an online therapist, I can give you a supportive space to start healing whether you are in Mahomet, Springfield, Peoria, or somewhere in between in Illinois. I provide trauma therapy, counseling for women, therapy for people-pleasing, anxiety treatment, and depression treatment. As well as therapy for burnout and stress, perfectionism, and childhood emotional neglect. All with the benefits and ease of online therapy. Reach out today to get started.