Finding Peace on Mother’s Day: Letting Go and Embracing Acceptance

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"I see all the social media posts and commercials about Mother's Day. They make me feel like I'm the only one who doesn't have a close relationship with their mom." As a therapist, I hear the above statement from clients every year. And I can also see the pain in their faces when they say it.

A mother points a finger at their child as they sit facing away from them. This could represent a strained relationship that a relationship counselor in Chicago, IL can help address. Learn more about stress relief in Peoria, IL by searching for therapy for stress in Illinois today. I want to acknowledge that Mother's Day can be a day of joy and celebration. But, for many, it reminds them of their difficult relationship with their mother. Not all mother-child relationships are easy and blissful.

This acknowledgment does not need to end in loneliness and despair. It's good to see the truth and admit the challenges in your relationship with your mother. It's the first step in finding peace. And it can transform Mother's Day into a time of reflection and growth. Remember, you are not alone in your struggles. There is support available.

What Acceptance Is Not

In the following post, I'll approach Mother's Day through the concept of acceptance. Before I start, I want to explain what acceptance is not. Acceptance doesn't mean it's okay that your mother hurt you. It doesn't meet that her behavior is acceptable and doesn't need to change. Acceptance doesn't mean that you need to look the other way and forgive her. 

Instead, acceptance is about pausing and checking the facts. It's a process of validation that helps you adjust to reality and make room for your feelings.

What Is Acceptance?

Acceptance means seeing the situation as it is without judging or resisting it. For example, accepting may mean facing your fears and looking at past conflicts. It may also mean recognizing ongoing challenges. Specifically, the challenges that add strain to your relationship with your mom. It's about seeing the relationship as it is, not as you wish it could be. 

A mother and son walk together on a shore in the evening. Learn how to improve your relationships and relief anxiety by contacting a relationship counselor in Chicago, IL. They can offer support with stress relief in Peoria, IL via in person or teletherapy in Illinois. Acceptance involves letting go of resistance to the relationship's reality. Acceptance often changes how my clients relate to their mothers. They've spent a lifetime trying different ways to approach their mom, each time hoping she would finally see them. Now, with acceptance, they release the urge to deny pain or force a change.  

Acceptance means seeing that no relationship is perfect. Every relationship has its challenges. And each person in the relationship is responsible for their part in making it better. Acceptance makes those boundaries clear while also freeing you from unrealistic hope. 

Acceptance Makes Mother's Day Different

Acceptance is a choice to focus on inner peace over conflict. It's about recognizing that you can't change the past or control others. But you can choose how you respond. Accept the reality of the relationship. It will free you from the emotional exhaustion of trying to change what you can't. No wonder you're exhausted!

Acceptance is about understanding that there's nothing more you could have done in the past. You can't make your mom change and aren't the cause of the strain in the relationship. Acceptance frees your mom to act as she wants. And it allows you to put consequences on her behavior. 

Acceptance is about embracing imperfections with compassion and grace. Many clients find it easy to extend this kind of compassion and grace to their mothers but struggle to extend it to themselves. This is especially true on occasions like Mother's Day. 

Make this Mother's Day different with acceptance. Give yourself peace, even if others are not willing to change. 

Counseling can help

Part of the acceptance process is facing the emotions that come with it.  For example, most clients feel angry when they acknowledge what happened in their relationships with their mothers. They also feel sadness and often go through a grieving process. Therapy can help support you in facing these feelings. 

Most clients also find they worry about facing these feelings. They fear that their feelings will be overwhelming and that they will get stuck. 

A mother and their teen daughter lay on a bed with their feet up against the wall while talking to one another. This could represent improved relations after meeting with a relationship counselor in Chicago, IL. Learn more about online therapy in Illinois and how it can offer stress relief in Peoria, IL. Therapy, like Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), helps clients learn how to regulate their feelings. We use this therapy so clients can feel secure in their emotional skills and learn to trust them. 

Therapy for traumatic invalidation is also helpful in situations like the ones I describe in this blog. Trauma therapy not only helps you deal with your present feelings. But it also helps resolve feelings that linger from the past. 

Start Working With a Relationship Counselor in Chicago, IL

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