Emotional Recovery

Perfectionism hurts

My clients are drawn to perfectionism as a way to control their anxiety.

They feel shame for not being able to keep it together, so they strive for perfection as a way to prove their worth.

Perfectionism tricks them into thinking they can keep the pain away or make up for the loss by “fixing” themselves.

But it doesn’t work.

Perfectionism is a false promise of happiness and it turns you into someone you’re not.

It traps you in a cycle of burnout that leaves you feeling defeated, ashamed and alone.

Emotional recovery

In recovery, our focus is not on getting rid of or managing anxiety.

We recover from perfectionism by no longer avoiding our emotions but using them as a foundation for healing.

We heal by focusing on self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-acceptance.

With this approach, you learn to trust yourself. You learn to give yourself what you need at this moment without judgment. You learn to enjoy life right now without waiting for a certain result.


Emotional recovery will happen at your pace. You do not have to force yourself to feel anything before you are ready. It will be clear to both of us when you are ready for the next step in each phase.

The goal is not to overwhelm you with emotion but to teach you emotional flexibility so you will be able to handle any emotion that comes your way.

You will stop feeling the need to be 3 steps ahead. You will no longer scramble around looking for answers. You won’t keep blaming yourself for things that you can’t control.

I am here to help you work through your emotions so you can finally see your worth and start living life on your terms.