Counseling for Women in Illinois

As a female therapist, most of the women I work with are working mothers. They desire a fulfilling career while also raising healthy children. Furthermore, they want to do all this alongside a partner who shares these values and responsibilities equally.

Why Should You Consider Counseling for Women?

Image of a woman sitting on a couch with her head in her hands. Are you searching for a "female therapist near me" in Champaign or Mahomet? As a therapist for women I can help you address the stress in your life. Reach out for counseling for women in Champaign, Illinois. Call today!

The women who come to Live Lekko for support also have another thing in common: they want to break emotionally unhealthy family patterns. They want to raise their children with more care and attention than they received growing up. They know this requires caring for themselves, focusing on relationships, and working more sustainably. However, this continues to be a struggle.

These women find themselves feeling irritated, guilty, and alone. They are exhausted and often forgo activities that will rejuvenate them for more numbing "self-care" activities. It also feels more manageable to withdraw than to communicate their feelings and needs. This lack of communication creates tension for them with their partners. Where once these women felt aligned with their partners, now they feel like they're on opposing sides. They often argue and fail to find agreement and repair. As a result, these women are also secretly filled with sadness and resentment.

If you resonate with any of the above, don't wait to seek support until you feel trapped and empty. Counseling for women in Illinois can help. I know how difficult it can be to admit things are not working despite your best efforts. It's my job, as a therapist for women, to help you overcome these emotional stuck points so you can fully enjoy this life you worked so hard to create.

One thing that keeps women from seeking therapy sooner is the belief that they must do it all. This belief is wrong and unhealthy, but it can be hard to notice as our current culture supports it. This belief leaves women feeling burned out and full of shame no matter what they do.

What to Expect From Counseling for Women

Illustration of three women standing close to each other. Could you benefit from speaking with a therapist for women in Peoria, IL 61525? Therapy for women in Springfield is a great option to start feeling more care-free. Reach out now to start counseling for women in Illinois.In therapy, we will identify the perfectionist and people-pleasing tendencies that often go along with believing that you must do it all. You'll learn new and healthier ways to relate to yourself using self-compassion. We'll also be able to redefine self-care and keep it from becoming another thing to do. As a result, you'll be able to determine your individual needs and how to account for them in your daily life. You'll find flexibility in your schedule where there was no room before.

After counseling at Live Lekko near Champaign, IL, you will no longer pressure yourself. As a result, you'll be more effective at work while maintaining stronger self-care boundaries. You'll also feel lighter and more carefree. These positive feelings will allow you more fun and deepen your connection with others, including your children. Your relationship with your partner will also improve. Due to your newfound clarity, you won't be projecting anger on your partner anymore or withdrawing. Instead, you will be able to communicate clearly and find a common understanding again.

If you are a working mother emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed by the demands of life, I hope you take the next step in finding relief by making a therapy appointment. Together we can work on getting your life back.

Ready to Start Counseling for Women in Illinois?

Image of a family of 4 walking in a field together. As a therapist for women I can help you whether you are in Peoria, Springfield, or somewhere in between. Therapy for women will address your unique challenges as a female. Reach out to begin inclusive counseling for women in Champaign, Illinois. Call today!At my Mahomet, IL-based practice I provide inclusive therapy for all women in Illinois. One of the benefits of reaching out to a female therapist is that I understand the unique challenges that women face. You do not have to keep feeling, trapped, empty, or overwhelmed. To get started in counseling for women follow these simple steps:

  1. Get a free consultation by texting or calling 217-402-7817
  2. Have your first appointment with a therapist for women.
  3. Start thriving and feeling more carefree.

Other Services At Live Lekko in Champaign, IL

Being an online therapist in Illinois I can support you with teletherapy whether you are in Springfield, Mahomet, Peoria, or somewhere else in Illinois. The therapy services at Live Lekko near Champaign, IL include trauma therapy, anxiety treatment, depression treatment, and therapy for stress. As well as therapy for people-pleasing, grief, perfectionism, and childhood emotional neglect. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you feel lighter and happier.