A stressed woman covers her face while sitting on the sofa. Learn how a relationship counselor in Chicago, IL can offer support in addressing neglect. Search for a female counselor to learn more about counseling for women in Champaign, IL and more.

When a Woman Feels Emotional Neglect: Understanding and Addressing Her Needs

I often see clients who come to therapy for emotional exhaustion they believe is due to anxiety and depression. I quickly find that these clients also suffer from emotional neglect in one or more of their relationships. And that this emotional neglect relates to much of their stress and pain. All relationships need continual care…

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A close up of a person holding their head while surrounded by stressors including work, family, health, and work. Learn how grief therapy in Mahomet, IL can offer support with addressing overwhelm and burnout. Contact a grief counselor in Peoria, IL to learn more about grief therapy in Springfield, IL today.

How Feeling Overwhelmed Can Be a Sign of the Need to Grieve

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the pressures of life.  Whether it’s from overwork, strained relationships, or taking in too much information, overwhelm shows up. Being a therapist, I know feeling overwhelmed is often more than just the result of external stressors. It’s usually a sign of emotional need, especially the need to grieve. This…

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