A couple sit next to one another with concerned expressions. This could represent relationship stress that an anxiety therapist in Illinois can address. Learn more about therapy in Mahomet, IL by searching for stress Champaign, IL or "stress relief springfield, il" today.

4 Common Relationship Stressors

All relationships have their moments of stress. These moments can be defining points of growth and connection in a relationship. But they can also drive a couple apart. In this post, I continue the concept of good versus bad stress, but in the context of relationships. Below, I introduce four typical relationship stressors and how…

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A couple sit on a couch while facing away from one another. Learn how therapy for stress in Illinois can help you address toxic relationships. Search for stress relief Springfield, IL, or contact a therapist in Mahomet, IL today.

4 Signs of Toxic Relationship Stress

As I wrote in the previous post, no relationship can escape stress. So many forms of pressure can enter a relationship, no matter how strong and healthy it is. However, stress has to be short-term, manageable, and lead to something good. Otherwise, it turns toxic and deteriorates the health of the individuals and the relationship.…

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A close up of a person holding their head while surrounded by stressors including work, family, health, and work. Learn how grief therapy in Mahomet, IL can offer support with addressing overwhelm and burnout. Contact a grief counselor in Peoria, IL to learn more about grief therapy in Springfield, IL today.

How Feeling Overwhelmed Can Be a Sign of the Need to Grieve

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the pressures of life.  Whether it’s from overwork, strained relationships, or taking in too much information, overwhelm shows up. Being a therapist, I know feeling overwhelmed is often more than just the result of external stressors. It’s usually a sign of emotional need, especially the need to grieve. This…

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