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Beyond Perfectionism: How to Release the Stress of New Year’s Resolutions

Many people believe New Year’s resolutions are a great way to reinvent themselves and accomplish the goals they’ve been putting off. However, the reality is that their initial enthusiasm often gives way to stress and perfectionism. Let’s delve into why this happens. The Stress of Societal Expectations: Our society tends to romanticize the idea of…

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Self-Worth & Compassion in the Face of Anxiety & Perfectionism Pt. 4

In previous blogs, I introduce the connection between perfectionism and anxiety. As a perfectionism therapist, I also explain this connection as a fear of failure and the pain of not feeling good enough. I further show how my clients try to avoid the accompanying feelings of guilt and shame with procrastination. As well as how…

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Overworking Thanks To Perfectionism & Anxiety

This blog continues the series on the connection between anxiety and perfectionism. The first blog introduced the fear of failure. In the last blog, I wrote about how procrastination behaviors are hard to break, even when our beliefs and fears of failure change. In part three of this series, I will look at overworking and…

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How Procrastination Ties Into Perfectionism & Anxiety Pt. 2

In the last blog, I introduced one of the links between anxiety and perfectionism. Which was fear of failure, and how this fear plays out in our lives through overwork and procrastination. As well as how Here, I will continue with how procrastination is maintained and some ways to resist avoidance. My Battle With Perfectionism,…

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All About Perfectionism and Anxiety Pt.1

When the clients at Live Lekko struggle with perfectionism, they often are also suffering from anxiety. In this three-part blog series, I will introduce some of the connections between perfectionism and anxiety. With the hope that it will provide validation and support for those of you who are feeling similar symptoms. Anxiety symptoms are felt…

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