Image of a woman surrounded by lines and question marks. Showing what it can feel like when you try to stop people-pleasing without the support of an online therapist in Illinois. Keep reading to learn more tips on how to stop being a people pleaser in Peoria or Springfield, IL.

Why Can I Not Stop People-Pleasing?

Those who struggle to stop people-pleasing often go through life feeling stressed with a neverending task list. They are waiting until things let up so they can take a break. But things don’t let up, and this waiting often leads to burnout and depression. When my clients first attempt to change their people-pleasing behavior, they…

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How to Stop Being A People Pleaser

Some people-pleasing behavior is understandable. For example, using people-pleasing behavior with an unreasonable manager or boss can make sense if it means lessening your work stress or keeping your job. Not All People Pleasing Is Bad This form of people-pleasing behavior will be occasional and specific to a setting or person. Additionally, people-pleasing can prove…

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