Image of a black woman in an orange sweater with her hands up. Showing how hard idle time for stress relief in Springfield, IL can be. When this is the reaction to boredom and idle time them therapy for stress in Illinois with an online therapist can help.

Tips for Stress Relief From An Illinois Therapist

When I find myself stressed, I often wish I could freeze time. I want extra space to escape, catch up to the moment at my own pace, and recover without any negative consequences for anyone. Unfortunately, there is no magical time advantage like this to give us some stress relief. And no amount of efficiency…

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Back To The Basics of Stress Relief & Self-Care

Being an online therapist, I’m a big self-care advocate. However, I also have a history of overworking in all areas of life. I know the negative consequences of putting off my needs, so taking care of myself and not burning out has become a priority, and I have adopted some simple strategies to help with…

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