A family of three walk together representing the bond cultivated by an anxiety therapist in Mahomet, IL. Learn more about the support a therapist for childhood emotional neglect in Illinois can offer by searching for anxiety treatment in Champaign, IL today.

Holiday Family Anxiety and Boundaries: Part 4

In this blog series, I introduce holiday family anxiety, how it relates to childhood emotional neglect, and how boundaries with family can start creating change. The post below will conclude this series by highlighting the benefits of holiday boundaries, not just for clients personally but also for their families. Clients create boundaries with their families…

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A family of four holds hands while walking through a field. This could symbolize the bonds cultivated via anxiety treatment in Peoria, IL. Learn more about anxiety symptoms in Springfield, IL, and other services an anxiety therapist in Illinois can offer.

Holiday Family Anxiety and Boundaries: Part 3

In the previous posts from this blog series, I introduce the concept of holiday family anxiety as it correlates to childhood emotional neglect. Maintaining family connections with unresolved childhood emotional neglect is exhausting and takes enormous energy. It’s like running a marathon every day. In families with unhealthy dynamics, the demands on children will continue…

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A child sits on her grandparent’s lap while wearing a mask and Santa hat. Learn how anxiety treatment in Mahomet, IL can offer support this holiday season by contacting an anxiety therapist or searching “anxiety therapist champaign, il” today.

Holiday Family Anxiety and Boundaries: Part 2

Most of my clients would like family holidays to be different and more on their terms. In the previous blog, I explain how my clients’ families have high expectations of their time and attention. However, when given, there’s no reward of family fun and connection—instead, my clients end the holidays with exhaustion and hurt. One…

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A family wearing masks around the dinner table. This could represent the bonds cultivated with the help of an anxiety therapist in Illinois. Learn tips on coping with anxiety symptoms in Springfield, Il by searching for anxiety treatment in Peoria, IL.

Holiday Family Anxiety and Boundaries: Part 1

For my clients, the holidays bring on additional anxiety, starting long before any event occurs as they prepare for time with family. They worry about meeting family expectations and get stuck in overwork and perfectionism. This stress quickly leads to burnout.  Being around their family is exhausting as they spend gatherings overwhelmed by pretending they…

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Image of a woman surrounded by lines and question marks. Showing what it can feel like when you try to stop people-pleasing without the support of an online therapist in Illinois. Keep reading to learn more tips on how to stop being a people pleaser in Peoria or Springfield, IL.

Why Can I Not Stop People-Pleasing?

Those who struggle to stop people-pleasing often go through life feeling stressed with a neverending task list. They are waiting until things let up so they can take a break. But things don’t let up, and this waiting often leads to burnout and depression. When my clients first attempt to change their people-pleasing behavior, they…

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Image of a woman in a dark peach shirt holding her head. If you feel anxious like this about meeting with an online therapist in Illinois it doesn't have to be that way. You don't have to figure everything out on your own once you start online therapy. Address anxiety for perfectionists with online therapy in Northfield, Illinois.

Things to Do Before Meeting With An Online Therapist in Illinois

My clients already do a lot of work by the time they schedule their first appointment. They research anxiety to find new ways to treat it. They also read self-help books and try to live healthy lifestyles. But despite their knowledge and best efforts, they still find themselves in the anxiety and burnout cycle. They…

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Image of a black woman in an orange sweater with her hands up. Showing how hard idle time for stress relief in Springfield, IL can be. When this is the reaction to boredom and idle time them therapy for stress in Illinois with an online therapist can help.

Tips for Stress Relief From An Illinois Therapist

When I find myself stressed, I often wish I could freeze time. I want extra space to escape, catch up to the moment at my own pace, and recover without any negative consequences for anyone. Unfortunately, there is no magical time advantage like this to give us some stress relief. And no amount of efficiency…

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Back To The Basics of Stress Relief & Self-Care

Being an online therapist, I’m a big self-care advocate. However, I also have a history of overworking in all areas of life. I know the negative consequences of putting off my needs, so taking care of myself and not burning out has become a priority, and I have adopted some simple strategies to help with…

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How to Stop Being A People Pleaser

Some people-pleasing behavior is understandable. For example, using people-pleasing behavior with an unreasonable manager or boss can make sense if it means lessening your work stress or keeping your job. Not All People Pleasing Is Bad This form of people-pleasing behavior will be occasional and specific to a setting or person. Additionally, people-pleasing can prove…

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Self-Worth & Compassion in the Face of Anxiety & Perfectionism Pt. 4

In previous blogs, I introduce the connection between perfectionism and anxiety. As a perfectionism therapist, I also explain this connection as a fear of failure and the pain of not feeling good enough. I further show how my clients try to avoid the accompanying feelings of guilt and shame with procrastination. As well as how…

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