Overworking Thanks To Perfectionism & Anxiety

This blog continues the series on the connection between anxiety and perfectionism. The first blog introduced the fear of failure. In the last blog, I wrote about how procrastination behaviors are hard to break, even when our beliefs and fears of failure change. In part three of this series, I will look at overworking and some ways to get out of this habit.

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Some things are non-negotiable for me. For example, I always make time for my husband and my kids, to be in nature, and to see clients at Live Lekko. These things happen no matter what. However, I habitually forget other vital parts of my life when I overwork. As a result, I put off sleep, skip meals and stop going out. Even as a therapist who has worked on her mental health, it’s still easy for me to go into all-or-nothing mode.

So what helps stop overworking?

Understand what causes you to overwork and avoid.

Overworking behavior often happens in a pattern or part of a cycle. For example, if you procrastinate on an important task and have a deadline, you are likely to overwork to complete that task. Here, it’s essential to identify what feeling keeps you procrastinating. Such as the fear of failure. Fear makes you want to avoid the task because fear feels uncomfortable. It’s easy to distract and get temporary relief from anxiety symptoms by doing other things. However, if you take a small action toward your task, your fear will eventually lower, and you will get more relief, and the relief will also last longer.

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Get rid of non-essential distractions.

Overworking is a double-edged sword because it causes burnout symptoms, increasing the chances that you’ll distract and procrastinate after completing your tasks instead of resting and recovering. After a period of overwork, it’s essential to regain your energy and relax, but most people don’t pick rejuvenating activities. Most things we “relax” with are deceptively stressful and draining. These activities are negative distractions that create more stimulation to the point that you can feel worse or numb out. Finding restorative hobbies or engaging in idle time is more beneficial. Let’s make boredom the new way to relax!

Get support for essential distractions.

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There are times when you will have too much to do. Or you will be faced with many things at the same time that you care about and want to do. During these times, it’s easy to start overworking. However, it is vital instead to pause and account for your actual time and energy. Please don’t compare yourself with others and what they can do. Then, you can go about these tasks more realistically. This step may require you to set boundaries, outsource, or ask for help from a perfectionism therapist. And you may need to postpone or give up certain things completely. However, by doing this, you will gain confidence and fulfillment.

In the next blog, I will conclude this series on the connection between perfectionism and anxiety by exploring more ways to face the fear of failure.

In the meantime, if you are struggling with overworking, anxiety treatment and perfectionism therapy can help.

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Your perfectionism and anxiety do not have to keep leading you to repeatedly overworking. At Live Lekko several can support you in working through this including anxiety treatment, therapy for burnout, and perfectionism. In order to start working with a perfectionism therapist in Illinois just follow these simple steps.

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