10 Signs of Loneliness in A Marriage

A couple sit facing away from one another representing a conflict. Learn how therapy for childhood emotional neglect in Illinois can offer support by contacting an online therapist in Illinois.

A close up of a man sitting away from his partner. This could represent the isolation that therapy in Mahomet, IL can help you overcome. Learn more about depression treatment Springfield, IL, and the support a therapist for women in Springfield, IL can offer.Many of my clients with histories of childhood emotional neglect often feel lonely in their marriages.

They also often struggle to acknowledge this loneliness. This confusion is easy to understand as loneliness can take on many forms. Below are some ways loneliness can show up in your relationship. I hope this helps you to identify loneliness in your marriage so you can begin to take the steps to heal. 


Loneliness can leave you feeling empty. Despite having a partner, you feel like there is a void. Your relationship may even appear successful based on your achievements as a couple and the things you do together, but there is no emotional connection. 


Loneliness can make you feel isolated even when physically around your spouse. You feel like you're living separate lives even when sharing the same house.


There's a longing for emotional connection and intimacy. You feel like strangers but long for closeness. You want to grow in your relationship. Before, you only imagined this intimacy was possible in books and movies. But now you see other couples experience a deep connection in their relationships that you want.


It's not uncommon to experience bouts of sadness when dealing with loneliness in your marriage. If you've felt a lack of connection for some time, you may also begin to experience grief over the state of your relationship. 


You might start feeling frustrated with your partner over unmet emotional needs. Bitterness and resentment can also begin to brew. Especially if you're to create change in your relationships and your partner is not receptive. 

A Sense of Abandonment:

A close up of a hand reaching out toward their partner without reciprocation. An online therapist in Illinois can help you and your relationship. Learn more about therapy for childhood emotional neglect in Illinois today.Loneliness can make you feel abandoned if your partner doesn't share your relationship concerns. Without change, this sense of abandonment can lead to insecurity and anxiety.

Communication Challenges:

Loneliness often coincides with breakdowns in communication. You might struggle to express your feelings about this lack of connection to your partner. When you try, the conversation is unproductive and leads to arguments about other things. 

Physical Symptoms:

Loneliness can also show up in physical symptoms. As this loneliness grows and occupies more of your attention throughout the day, it can manifest as fatigue, sleep issues, headaches, and changes in appetite. 

Doubt and Uncertainty:

When you experience loneliness in your relationship, you may question whether your partner loves you. Doubt and uncertainty can erode your sense of security and make you wonder about the future of your relationship.  


Some people respond to loneliness by withdrawing emotionally or physically from their partner. When a person experiences loneliness and communication isn't working, it's easy to question if there's something wrong with you. This withdrawal can further exacerbate the emotional distance in the relationship. 

Loss of Interest:

You might start to lose interest in your partner. When a relationship lacks emotional connection, one can resign to the idea that there won't be any change. My clients want to avoid settling for a lonely marriage. They want a relationship where both individuals grow, and the marriage thrives. 

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